Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh my gosh, it's been to long!

Well I have turned out to be a horrible blogger. Last time I updated john was getting his first tooth and now he's potty training!!

Nathan, you just turned 4!!! I can't even believe how fast you are growing and what an amazing little man you're turning into. You are the BEST big brother in the whole world! I am so proud of you every day because you are just the most sweetest and loving child. Your favorite things right now is Thomas the Tank, Nana, and your new DS which you got for your birthday, such a spoiled little four year old ;o) You are my right hand man, my buddy!

Johnny, you just turned two and you are the funniest little thing! You're starting to talk so much!! Your favorite thing in the world right now is Caillou and popcicles, both of which you ask for constantly throughout the day. You love to laugh and to make people laugh, you're always being so giggly and you have endless amounts of energy!
I am so insanely happy to be your guys's mom. You are both so freaking awesome and special and both of you are the most loving children. I love nothing more than our mornings together spent cuddling in my bed (which both of you end up climbing into in the middle of the night!). I'll hopefully start coming back to this blog more often because you guys change so darn quick and I want to capture every single second of your childhoods!!

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